Binocular Vision & Myopia Management with Marino Formenti


This Video-presentations series from Marino Formenti O.D., FIAOMC,  shows all steps of the Binocular Vision Evaluation in Myopia Management .

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Video’s Introduction

Table of content:

The Optic of the Ophthalmic Rx  in Myopia Management

  1. Myopic evolution and characteristics of vision from an emmetropic to a myopic status
  2. Prismatic effect of the Single Vision Lens
  3. Scenario of prismatic effect of Rx centered at distance for a full time wear
  4. The convergence excess patient’s optic without and with an ADD for near.

Approximately 7 minutes

The Lag of Accommodation

  1. Accommodation theory
  2. Accommodative stimulus and Accommodative response
  3. Near Vergence second to over or under-accommodation?
  4. How to measure the Lag of Acc.
  5. Nott Retinoscopy to measure Accommodative response
  6. Near ADD as an approach to reduce the Hyperopic defocus and high Lag of Acc.

Approximately 14 minutes

The flexibility of the Accommodative and Vergence Systems

  1. The profile of the Myopic child
  2. The Accommodative flexibility: purpose, characteristics and evaluation
  3. The 2.00D flipper: procedure and interpretation
  4. Different Diagnosis with Binocular and Monocular flipper
  5. The vergence flexibility:: purpose, characteristics and evaluation
  6. Prismatic flipper (8BI/12BO) and Double prism (3BI/12BO)
  7. The prismatic flipper and Double prism: procedure and interpretation
  8. Relating vergence Flexibility with the phoria

Approximately 12 minutes

The Near Point of Convergence

  1. Efficient binocular vision in relation with near point of convergence and accommodation
  2. Importance of reading distance
  3. Near Point of convergence with or without an accommodative task
  4. Procedure and interpretation

Approximately 8 minutes

# Video 6: The Diagnosis of a Binocular Vision Dysfunction

  1. Clinical procedures in Myopia Management
  2. Refraction as an ineffective procedure to evaluate the visual performance of the myopic child
  3. Comprehensive visual exam includes testing for Lag of Accommodation, Accommodative Flexibility, Phoria, Vergence Flexibility, Near Point of Convergence
  4. Characteristics of myopic profile
  5. The visual diagnosis at a glance
  6. How to get to the diagnose of a vergence problem
  7. How to get to the diagnose of an accommodative problem
  8. Differential Diagnosis between a Binocular vision disorder
  9. Different approaches in treatment’s options

Approximately 24 minutes


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